• Name: Pharmaceutical Aluminun Foil ● Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Number: DLPTP-600A.
  • Time: 2017-02-16
  • Views : 214

This Machine is manufactured according to our years of production experiences on Pharmaceuitical Rotogravure Printing & Coating Machine, and combined with the current development trend of this industry, together with all customers’ requirements.
It is the desired choice for those who use for pharmaceuitical package and coating materials.

II. Outstanding Feature:
1. Technological Process of Production:

(1) Unwinding with Double Station Working
(2) Base Coat Cleaning Group
(3) Four Color Printing
(4) Frontal Coating OP Protective Agent
(5) 10 meter Drying Cabinet
(6) Reverse Side VC Gluing
(7) 14 meter Drying Cabinet
(8) Drying Tunnel Tension
(9) Cooling Tractive Steel Roller
(10)Rewinding with Double Station working & deviation Correction
It ensures the high-efficient and stable production; smooth rewinding reduces the attrition rate of materials while lamination.
2. The pressure from those Tractive Compression Roller, Printing Compression Roller, Coating Compression Roller are controlled by pneumatic components.
3. Equipped with 3D adjustable pneumatic back pressure scraper. Pressure can be adjustable casually with scrapers back and forth switching.
4. Equipped with nozzle type hot wind, which can be recycled to use up to 50% , reducing the energy consumption.
5. Digital display in each area to each area to achieve precise automatic control.
6. The parameter of the whole machine can be set through the human-computer interface of touch screen; PLC controls frequency converter and motor in order to achieve an automatic control and monitor the whole machine status for Main Speed, Tension, etc.
7. Use the Integrated Designed of Mechanical, Electronic and Pneumatic, which leads our machine to a perfect safety protection function, and makes it automatically recognize the machine status and diagnose all kinds of malfunction.
8. Actively synchronous mechanism for Printing, Coating and Drying oven, which achieves automatically synchronous control.
9. Automatic controlled by computer for the whole Machine.
10. Rewinding Tension uses non-linear taper tension control to make sure rewinding material is NOT out of shape and make sure the rewinding material is in order at its head face (end face).
11. Static & dynamic equilibrium with super hard Anodizing treatment of Aluminum Guide Roller with Shaft can make operation stable, which make sure the surface with no abrasion during long-term operation.


Technical Parameters for DLPTP-600A : 

  1. Coating Method : direct Net Coating
  2. Printing Method : Gravure Printing  
  3. Suitable Roll Material : Aluminun Foil with ≥ 6um
  4. Machine Speed : 60m/min(PTP) ;  Film Printing : 120m/min
  5. Max. Material Width : 650mm
  6. Five Motor Vector Frequency Conversion Motor Syschronously drive with 5-section Full Automatic Tension Control.
  7. Max. Unwinding Diameter : φ600 mm
  8. Max. Rewinding Diameter : φ600 mm
  9. Tension Control Range : 3-40 kg
  10. Machine Total Power : 256 KW
  11. Boundary Dimensions : 14000 (L) x 4000 (W) x 4500 (H)mm
  12. Machine Colour : Grey + White (Availble for Customized)

Suitable Materials:
- Mainly suitable for those PTP, Aluminum Foil with thickness  ≥ 6um.

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