• Name: Coating Machine for Film, Hot Stamping Foil, Paper
  • Number: DLTB-1300
  • Time: 2017-03-09
  • Views : 181

High Speed Automatic Coating Machine
Model: DLTB-1300
Main Features:
● Net roll coating;
● Single station or double station, unwinding; automatic tension control;
● Unwinding, bake automatic correction;
● Five sections of independent temperature controls and the lower box with exhausting air from drying cabinet; Max. Temperature : 230°C;
● Dry steel box guide roller, a separate motor drive; automatic tension control;
● PLC control, touch screen centralized control;
● Optional electric, air energy, natural gas, bio-energy, heat transfer oil, steam and other heating methods.
Technical Parameters:
● Max. Mechanical Speed: 200 m / min
● Max. Width of Web: 1350 mm (or 1000-1650 mm)
● Max. Diameter of Roll Material: Φ800 mm (or optional)
● Dryer Tunnel Length: 15 meters (or according to the user process requirements matching length)
Suitable Materials:
● Suitable for film, Electrochemical Aluminium Film, Paper, etc.
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