• Name: High Speed Slitting Machine
  • Number: DLFQW-1300J
  • Time: 2017-03-06
  • Views : 222

High Speed Automatic Slitting Machine
Model: DLFQW-1300J
Key Feature:
- Main Engine: Variable frequency speed governing.
- Unwinding with magnetic powder tension controlled.
- Automatic meter-counting.
- Rewinding with magnetic powder clutch controlled.
- Slitting with round knife and flat knife.
- Unwinding with IR sensor; automatic correcting deviation.

Technical Parameter:
- Slitting Thickness of Material: 0.012-0.20mm
- Max. Diameter of Unwinding Coiled Material: ø600mm
- Max. Diameter of Rewinding Coiled Material: ø450mm
- Raw Material Width: 700-1300mm
- Slitting Width of Coiled Material: 50-1300mm
- Slitting Speed: 5-200m/min
- Deviation Value: <±0.5mm
- Machine Power: 12kW
- Dimension (L×W×H):3000×1600×1300mm
- Machine Weight: about 3600kg.

Suitable Materials:
- Suitable for those BOPP, PVC, PET, Laminated Film, etc.
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