• Name: Dry Laminator
  • Number: DLGFC-1200
  • Time: 2017-02-24
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Dry Laminator
Model: DL-GFC-1200

Main Features:
● Both Host Coating and Laminating Unit are driven by independent Inverter Motor.
● Independently Constact Temperature with hot air drying System (3-Section 6 meter or 4-section 8 meter)
● Bilateral type openable heating box.
● Unwinding & Rewinding Tension use magnetic powder tension control.
● The First Substrate Unwinding with Photoelectric type Deviation Corrective System.
● Tension of Drying Oven with Floating Roller Controlled. 

Technical Parameters:
- Max. Laminating Speed: 100~130m/min
- Max. Roll Material Width: 400~1200mm
- Roll Material Diameter : φ600mm or φ800mm
- Dryer Length : 8m

Suitable Printing Materials:
- Suitable for those Film, Aluminum Foil, Roll Paper,and plastic sheet, etc. 

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