• Name: Laminating Machine
  • Number: DLFHG-1000B
  • Time: 2017-02-22
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High Speed Automatic Dry Laminating Machine

Model: DLFHG-1000B


Key Features:
● Coating Method: direct net roll coating  with dry laminated.
● Heating Method: electricity, heat transfer oil, steam, hot air stove, etc.
● Dryer Tunnel length: 8,10,12,15 meters
● Electric Tumblet type double stations working with high speed automatic material splicing.
● Trolley type 3 automatic corrective systems.
● Vector motor drive; AC vector inverter from Japn; double closed-loop control system PLC centralized control 10 axises vector variable frequency drive, programmable controller controlled, color touch human-computer interface monitoring machine status.

Technical Parameters:

● Max. Laminating Speed: 100-160m/min
● Machine Width type: 600-1600mm
● Material Diameter: Φ600 - Φ1600 mm
● Dryer length: 9-12m
Suitable Materials:
● Suitable for those Film, Aluminum Foil, Paper, Plastic sheet, etc.

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