• Name: High Speed Automatic dry Laminating Machine
  • Number: DLFHG-1000C
  • Time: 2017-02-21
  • Views : 51

High Speed Automatic dry Laminating Machine
Model: DLFHG-1000C
Key Features:
- 10 variable frequency motors with synchronous drive and frequency control
- Imported PLC centralized control
- Color touch screen human-computer interface
- Feed traction structure with Independent unit coating; 4 sections floating roller type tension closed-loop control
- Glue wiping roller device with glue evenly coated.
- Unwinding and drying oven outlet with EPC gas-sensitive & photoelectric correction.
- Hot air drying system with multi-stage independent constant temperature function; 
- Drying oven with built-in guide roller, synchronous revolved actively.
- Drying oven structure with Cylinder top-open type; the upper and lower boxes ventilate at the same time , which make effective control and solve the solvent residue and wrinkle problems.
- Double-position rotary frame retractable roll mechanism, non-stop loading/changing material with high-speed.
Technical Parameters:
- Max. Laminating Speed: 160m / min
- Max. Material Width: 400-1600mm;
- Material Diameter: ¢ 600- ¢ 1200mm
- Drying Oven length: 9-12m
Suitable Materials:
- Suitable for those Film, aluminum foil, paper, plastic sheet.
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