• Name: Nylon · Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Number: DLYA-81000F
  • Time: 2017-02-07
  • Views : 192

High Speed Automatic Rotogravure Printing Machine
Model: DLYA-81000F
I. Suitable Printing Materials :
- Mainly suitable for those BOPP \ CPP \ PET \ PVC \ Nylon \ PE film, aluminum foil, roll paper, etc.
II. Main Features :
- Mechanical shaft drive.
- Frequency converting Controlled by 7 servo motors; Tension controlled by 4 floating rollers; Human-computer interface operation.
- Shaftless lockup with air clamp.
- 3D adjustable scraping device with dual-axis & dual-cylinder scraper adapting to any plate diameter with multiple versions and different printing production.
- Winding & unwinding shelf with turnplate and gas cap ; Automatically splicing with double stations working in high-speed ceaselessly.
- Vertical & horizontal automatically Color-Registering, highly precise pre-registration & rapid correcting the error while registering.
- PLC control and human-computer interface operation.
- Suitable to hot wind drying oven with multiple types of hot source; aspirating & exhausting system with adjustable internal circulation; high-efficient drying capacity; a separate exhaust fan directly exhausting gases to the main exhausting duct, which make low residual solvent and high-efficient drying effect.
- Machine halts with tension kept.
- Air-operated (Pneumatic) drop rollers device.
- Optional heating methods for electric, air-energy, natural gas, bio-energy, conduction oil, steam, etc.
III. Technical Parameters :
- Max. Printing speed: 200-280 m / min
- Suitable Width of Material: 600-1800 mm
- Diameter of Printing Cylinder : φ120-350 mm
- The Integrated Color-Registering Precision : ± 0.1mm
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