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High Speed·Dry Laminator

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High Speed Automatic dry Laminating Machine
Model: DLFHG-1050D
I. Suitable Printing Materials:
- Suitable to those film, aluminum foil, paper, plastic sheet, etc.
II. Main Features:
- The whole unit driven synchronously by 10 variable frequency motors & adjusted by frequency converter.
- The Imported Programmable logic controller (PLC) centralized control.
- Color touch screen with human-computer interface.
- Coating feedstock & tractive structure with independent unit; 5-section of automatic tension closed-loop control.
- Glue nipRolls device with glue evenly coated.
- Unreeling and drying oven outlets; EPC Gas-sensitive & photoelectric correction.
- Multi-section independent homothermal hot wind drying system; Drying oven with built-in guide Roller revolving synchronously on its own.
- Drying oven with air cylinder on the top; the upper & lower wind chambers exhausts at the same time, whick makes effective control and solve the problems of solvent residue and wrinkle.
- Three-roller type laminating device with backpressure steel rollers; oil heating with external circulation or built-in oil heating compound steel rollers.
- Disc-type winding & unwinding structure with double-station; Those non-stop adjustment and automatic splicing & reloading makes it stable and reliable.
- Pneumatic & Fast loading/unloading material with winding & unwinding air shaft, which makes high safety.
III. Technical Parameters:
- Max. Mechanical Speed: 250m/min
- Laminating Speed: 220m / min
- Material Width: 600 - 2000mm
- Material Diameter: Φ 600 - Φ1600mm
- Drying Oven Length: 9-27m
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