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Jumbo Roll Diameter ● Printing Machine

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High Speed Automatic Jumbo Roll Diameter Rotogravure Printing Machine
Model: DLFX-51500A
Key Features
- Non-stop splicing with Electrical duplex working position; Winding & Unwinding with electrical rollover and automatic clipping functions.
- Auto-complete for tape detection, splicing materials & pressing Rollers, fracturing Materials with slicer, tension switching, resetting, etc.
- 4-stage floating roller tension control system, unwinding, traction splicing & discharging and winding used with ultra-low friction cylinder swing roller detection and with high-precision tension control.
- Cylinders with shaft mounted plate system coordinates with lockup trolley and ensures the rapid plate-changing.  
- With main motor driven, discharging, splicing, traction discharging and winding are controlled by variable frequency motors.
- Heavy duty scraper mechanism with duplex cylinders & Pneumatic thrust for large printing press.
- The whole unit with PLC centralized controlled, touch screen controlled and monitored the working status of the whole unit; Mechanical, Electrical & Pneumatic integrated design, which makes a complete safety protection function and intelligently identifies the working status and judges the malfunctions of the whole unit.
- Pre-heating air box before printing, displayed the speed with a large screen.
Technical Parameters                      
- Printing cylinder width: 800-1650mm
- Printing Cylinder diameter: φ150-φ800mm
- Max. Mechanical Speed: 150m / min
- Max. winding/unwinding diameter: 600 or 800mm
Suitable Printing Material:
- PE: 40-80μm, paper, BOPP, etc.
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