Rotogravure Printing Technology

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Rotogravure Printing is one of 4 most popular Printing Methods in the World.

    Rotogravure Printing is in contrast to Letterpress Printing, the image area of which plate cylinder is lower than the plane of Printing. The Rotogravure Printing is to print through the depth of printing plate to show the variable color gradation from the original manuscript.

    If the Image Area is in deep sunken, it will fill more ink and left thick ink layers after embossing. If the Image Area is in shallow sunken, it will fill less ink and left thin ink layers after embossing. The Ink quantity of Printing Plate is corresponding to the gradation of original manuscript. In the printing, daub over the whole printing plate cylinder through ink fountain or ink transferring Roller, then scrape the inks where non-image area locates with scraper; and the inks that filled inside the sunken area will be transferred to the surface of printed materials.

    Rotogravure Printing has the characteristics such as high speed ( Up to 300m/min ), printing plate cylinder with high pressrun ( Up to 3~4million), firm in printing quality, Rich in color, clear and lively, moderate in contrast, lifelike image, various in Product specification, etc. and it can be printed on paper, aluminum foil, plastic soft packing, thick paper container, liquid paper container, trademark, etc.

    With the development of science and technology, Rotogravure Printing is most popular used in the China domestic and abroad. Because it is suitable for multiply material printing, such as preprinting for color packaging box, which is better quantity than the traditional printing, high intensity, and low cost; moreover, it is developing to more colors (Up to 12 colors), high speed (Up to 300m/min), automation (automatic registering control and powerful controls), and on-line processing ( continous proceed with the follow-up process of rotogravure printing and printing ).


Rotogravure Printing is mainly consist of platemaking, printing and quality control.

I. Rotogravure Plate Making:

  Rotogravure Plate Making is mainly including direct etching gravure, electronic engraved gravure, laser engraved gravure and electronic beam gravure (EBG), etc.

    Direct Etching Gravure: 



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